Wonder how many of you have visited the Dubai Design District(d3). The designer building is often a site for drivers on Al Khail road. This weekend I managed to visit d3 to have my brunch at the latest cafe in the d3 district called the Craft Cafe. The food crafted at Craft Cafe is engineered by Roberto Segura who has been nominated as the TOP CHEF at BBC  Food Awards 2014. So there is no doubt we could see passion, art, and beauty in their food.

For some of you who’ve never been here, The Dubai Design District is home to fashion designers, creative artists, interior designers, creative minds etc. So from the time you leave your car, everything you see around will highlight the word DESIGN. When we entered Craft Cafe we were not surprised to see the interiors of Craft Cafe in full throttle. A premium finishes, unique and feels so good just sitting in here. With naturally cut wooden tables, designer chairs and birds(artificial) hanging from the ceiling which made you feel very close to nature. They have an open kitchen just to please your eyes.

To begin with, Kids were more excited than us as they received an unusual coloring paper. It wasn’t paper, more like an erasable silicon painting mat. So they were quite happy exploring the new experience. We just came into the cafe from an exploding sun and I tell you Craft Cafe mocktails is the way to go. Very refreshing and I felt rejuvenated in every sip. In fact, I enjoyed their mocktails more than their smoothie we tried. The Blueberry vanilla sky is a thick and energetic drink but from the taste perspective, I wouldn’t be very much attached to it.

The most famous item from their breakfast menu is the bowlful of acai. A colorful treat packed with healthy ingredients consisting of granola, raw cocoa, fresh fruits, acai berry. My favorite part in here was along with raw cocoa. Never tried them before but this combination was really nice. A bowlful of acai is a sheer treat for those healthy ones and who typically enjoying having a cold start for the day. The salad Enoki kick does wake up your taste buds which were tasting great from all angles. It’s that homemade teriyaki dressing that makes this salad exciting.

Their breakfast items have been impressive especially the Anatolian eggs. The best part for me in it were those zesty delicious veal sausages. They tasted great. Nicely cut into little pieces which really helps to eat them along with the baked eggs. Those freshly baked bread that accompanies the Anatolian eggs is also worth a mention. This pan is all you need for a hearty morning breakfast.

The Quinoa veggie burger was one of a kind. It’s all about the Quinoa patty actually. Otherwise, it’s just regular vegetables stuffed in between the Quinoa patty. The Quinoa patty is quite heavy and does fill you up very easily. The Roasted Baby chicken was delicious as ever, thanks to the top class marination on this. I highly recommend getting your hands on this one if you love chicken.

The main that really stood out was their slow cooked Braised Beef. The Braised Beef is slow cooked for around 4.5 hours which makes this meat extremely tender and juicy. I was so much lost in this mouth watering dish. One of the best-tasting beef I’ve had in some time.

The pretty looking Grilled Barramundi was not as great as I expected.  However, the accompanied Quinoa pineapple salad was fantastic and was the best part for me in this dish.

I am not a big fan of Apple pie but I noticed everyone around us was ordering an Apple pie at Craft Cafe so we too got one of them just so that we don’t miss out on anything important here. I guess this dessert is one of their hot sellers. I am sure you’ll love it if you enjoy Apple crumble Pie in general. For me, the best dessert was the spicy chocolate fondant. It’s one of the best I’ve had. Surprisingly the touch of spice takes this chocolate fondant to the next level and make it’s an irresistible one. The French toasts were simple yet pleasant in taste but didn’t have the bells and whistles like the other two desserts.

We ended our brunch with a Craft Cafe Orange twist coffee. A black coffee that comes with an orange twist. It’s different and it’s their signature which is usually not found in other cafes. At the end, Craft Cafe is an experience on its own. Away from the busy streets to an all new Dubai Design District which is still new to many and more of a haunted space during the weekend as the area is still developing. The Craft Cafe would be an ideal location to visit if you are looking for that change from the usual route and towards a very healthy morning. Currently, they seem to be open only until 06:00 pm from 08:00 am and they are not open on Fridays.



Building 10, Design District Road,

333 300 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 4 514 9032


Email : hello@craftcafe.ae


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