Walking in through the big glass doors of Craft Café in Dubai Design District feels like you’ve just walked into a lovely summer house. The spacious blank canvas is brought to life with bright tribal patterns and prints, gleaming brass elements and table ornaments carved by local designers. Lighting is caged in delicate wire structures which are decorated with colorful birds. Green moss climbs the entire back wall and rope-bound pillars hold more industrial style lighting. Comfy chairs and polished tree-trunk tables make for a relaxed, natural space.

The menu holds just as much design clout. Each dish is constructed like a colorful work of art. We order avocado on toast (AED32), served on thick rustic bread, topped with a fried egg, flecks of a balsamic reduction and sprinkled with toasted seeds and yellow buttercup petals.

We also went for the French toast roll-ups (AED38), piped down the middle with strawberry jam and whipped vanilla cream and served with salted caramel sauce. Lighter than you’d imagine, they are a little too easy to scoff. Make sure you dip the rolls in the sauce.

The duck waffles (AED48) are really something special. Fluffy Belgian waffles topped with shredded slow-cooked duck, tangy orange sauce, and spring onions. Not a breakfast dish? No, but this is delicious at any time. Be brave.

Wash it all down with a smoothie, fresh juice or cold brewed coffee. We loved the Orange Twist (AED20), orange zest, date molasses, and soda. Gold stars all around for originality Craft Café.

Three Dishes to try

Bowlful of açai
Açai berry purée, Greek yogurt topped with granola, raw cacao and fresh fruits served in a square metal bowl so no digging around a tall glass.

Green heart
Avocado, spinach, apple, lemon, kale, mint, cucumber, almond milk, agave syrup. So green, so tasty and full of nutrients. Great for an energy kick.

Truffled scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs topped with parmesan and shavings of black truffle, and served on thick white bread, toasted for crunch. A well-deserved favorite.


Building 10, Design District Road,

333 300 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 4 514 9032


Email : hello@craftcafe.ae


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