We love breakfast. That is no secret. We also love going out for breakfast. But often the drive or taxi trip, and wait for a table can seem like a lot of effort for what is essentially a plate of eggs. Thankfully, for the first time in a long time, we’ve found somewhere that is worth getting up early and driving to for your morning fix.

While there have been some fantastic events on at Dubai Design District (which lies between the Creek and Ras Al Khor) reasons to visit d3 on a more routine basis have been few and far between. But slowly, more places to eat are opening, and in Craft Café, there is a brilliant venue that’s worth the trip alone.

It’s a little bit trendy (well, it should be given its location), but doesn’t cross over into the realms of hipster. The décor is slightly quirky (birds – not real ones – in little cages, which hang above the dining room, for example). The menu features plenty of dishes that include foodie buzzwords (quinoa, kale, açai) and the coffee is cold-brew, single-origin and made with skinny milk.

With all that in mind we order the orange twist, which is a fantastic cold Guatemalan coffee with orange zest, date molasses, and soda water and comes with a lovely, custard-like foam atop, and a cold brew vanilla latte, which is
also a top-notch brew.

Breakfast – is brilliant – served all day, so despite a late start we go for the eggs and avocado on toast (pictured). The eggs are cooked just as we ask, though the avocado could be a little riper. It looks great finished with seeds and edible flowers. The house breakfast has three wonderfully smoky beef sausages, eggs, mushrooms (a little dry) and sweet potato and coconut patties – an inspired addition that livens up the dish.

Craft Café has plenty going for it, find out for yourself.

The bill (for two)

1x house breakfast Dhs49
1x avocado on rustic toast Dhs32
1x orange twist Dhs20
1x cold brew vanilla latte Dhs22
Total (excluding service) Dhs123

The bottom line
If you’re yet to visit D3, now is the time.


Building 10, Design District Road,

333 300 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 4 514 9032


Email : hello@craftcafe.ae


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