If you plan on visiting the newly launched Dubai Design District anytime soon, make sure to visit the Craft Cafe for a quick bite; you won’t be disappointed.
Craft is one of the few cafes in Dubai that manage to distinguish itself from the rest of the generic lot. Expect dishes that don’t just look irresistible to eat, but also are healthy and made with some of the best homegrown ingredients.

First Impressions:
If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll understand our obsession with floor to ceiling glass doors that bring in tons of natural light and positivity (it does more than livening up the cafe; it helps produce beautiful pictures too). As we were seated and began glancing through the menu we were reasonably impressed with the abundant variety of dishes to chose from. Although we did come for breakfast, it’s safe to the say the selection of mains and signature dishes looked appetizing enough to bring us back very soon.

Breakfast of Champions:
After a lot of contemplation and trying our hardest not to order the entire menu, we opted for:
Royal Eggs which are Poached Eggs served with Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce and Rustic Bread. The eggs were perfectly runny and the salmon tasted absolutely fresh and worked well with the eggs and hollandaise. Loved the addition of micro herbs and edible flowers that added a nice delicate touch to the dish.
Avocado on Rustic Toast topped with Fried Eggs, Balsamic Reduction, and Toasted Seeds. Loved the textural element of this dish. The perfectly thin and crispy toast went beautifully with the silky smooth sliced avocados and the runny fried egg on top. The addition of balsamic glaze added a whole new dimension to the dish; elevating the flavors with a subtle sweetness that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Duck Salad which is a MUST HAVE and most definitely one of the best salads we’ve had. The salad comprised of slow cooked Duck, Baby Lettuce, Fresh Orange, Pomegranate, Roasted Walnuts, and Coriander. This salad blew us away for many reasons – the duck was cooked to perfection, the lettuce was wonderfully crunchy and fresh, the sweetness from the pomegranate and orange and lastly the addition of orange foam which was a genius and made us love every mouthful.

A Bowlful of Acai Berry Puree with Greek Yoghurt topped with Granola, Raw Cacao, and Fresh Fruits. Definitely the most beautiful looking breakfast bowl we’ve ever seen. This dish isn’t just packed with health benefits, but it’s also extremely delicious too.  Loved the addition raw cacao that added depth to the dish and the toasted banana that added a wonderful textural element. We highly recommend this bowlful of Acai!

The Spicy Chocolate Fondant absolutely blew us away! We were a bit skeptical when we read the word “spicy” on the menu but as we tasted the dish we were amazed. As you bite into this dessert, at first it tastes sweet and rich, but eventually, the spice slowly started to work its magic. Basically, the heat doesn’t hit you immediately but leaves a slight tingling sensation on throat after a few seconds – which to our surprise, we seemed to enjoy.
French Toast Roll-Ups filed with Strawberries and Vanilla Cream and a Caramel dipping sauce on the side. If you don’t feel adventurous enough to try the Spicy Fondant, then our second recommendation of these Roll Ups is a must have! It light, sweet and perfectly soothing. Make sure to drench your roll ups in that beautiful Caramel sauce for the ultimate satisfaction!

The Bill:

Royal Eggs – Dhs 38
Avocado on Toast – Dhs 32
Duck Salad – Dhs 44
Bowlful of Acai – Dhs 35
Spicy Chocolate Fondant – Dhs 24
French Toast Roll Ups – Dhs 38


Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4/5


Building 10, Design District Road,

333 300 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 4 514 9032


Email : hello@craftcafe.ae


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